Welcome to the Midnight Sport Championship

Jövőbarát Foundation has designed a sports championship program that provides young Hungarian latchkey children an attractive alternative prevention of drug and other destructive activities.

Children will grow up even if no one looks after them. Still, it is not all the same for our children what kind of world they will live in.

Jövőbarát Foundation’s program is a unique approach to drug abuse prevention in Central Europe. It attracts young people with an accessible sports club that is open after school, in the evening and during the nights at the weekend, when they are likely to use alcohol and drugs. We launched a Midnight Sports Championships campaign in Hungary and expand it into a nation-wide network. Our fundamental aim is achieve that there are no neglected children who use drugs deleterious to health in an attempt to appease their hunger for love and as a substitute for their missing human relations. The well-equipped athletic center and structured sports program initially draw them in. Our program is based on the table tennis. Young people organize sports competitions, for example, we already attended a Guinness World Record in 2003 in table tennis (24 hours playing without break).

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